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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Illusion of Separateness

“Those trees are your lungs. The earth recycles as your body. The rivers recycle as your circulation. The air is your breath. So what do we call the environment?”
— Deepak Chopra: Physical Healing, Emotional Well Being

A new paradigm is emerging out of the ruble of the reductionist model.  This new paradigm dissolves the illusion of separateness between anything and anyone.

As we research smaller and smaller units of matter, it becames clear that there is perhaps no final unit waiting to be discovered but a fundamental unity to everything.  Physicist David Bohm, whose work is described in Michael Talbot's the Holographic Universe, calls the fundamental unity at the end of all matter the implicate order.  David Wilcock makes reference to the Source Field.

A popular metaphor for the universe in this new view is that of a hologram that projects what we experience as matter, light energy, etc.  An important property of a hologram is that information contained throughout is contained within any unit.  For instance, if you cut a piece of holographic film with a picture of an apple in half, both halves of the film will still project the whole apple!  (This is only true of real holograms produced by shining a laser through holographic film, not of the hologram type pictures and stickers like those found of credit cards).  

One phenomena in quantum physics that supports this view is known as "non locality."  Briefly, 2 quanta (photons, electrons, etc.) can become "entangled" that is, influence each other even across vast distances.  Physicists were blown away by this because it seemed like these particles were communicating faster than the speed of light.  This lead to the notion that on some level these quanta are existing without location, thus no "speed" is needed.

Since this is so contrary to our experience and how we have been taught to view things, it can be a bit mind boggling to think that somewhere particles are "speaking" to each other where this is no location.

Advocates of quantum biology such as Deepak Chopra point to the similarities between phenomena in quantum physics and biology.  It can be said that the cells in your body are doing the same thing, communicating on a non local level.

What is this "non local" level of you and of the universe?  Well, it is consciousness.  Your sense of self and continuity of experience is not contained within anything in your brain or body in any physical way, since the cells of your body die and are replaced continuously throughout your life.  It is consciousness that remains and gives you this experience.   

What is becoming clear is what we experience as separate things is actually an illusion.  Since there is only a fundamental unity then the idea that you are somehow separate from the environment begins to fade.  The earth in which you live, is you, you are the earth and everything within it.  You are the universe, everything it takes to make a universe is contained within all of us.  Remember, consciousness has no boundaries, the only limits to your consciousness, is your imagination.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spiritual Work: Change Your Perspective II

Take the Perspective of Others by Considering the Context

Consider this -
Maybe the last person who was rude to you did not upset you because they are a mean person.

Too often in our daily interactions with people, particularly if they were unpleasant, we attribute fault to the person themselves:  “They forgot my order because they are dumb/bad at their job/don’t like me,” etc.

Did you know we also tend to attribute our own mistakes not as  faults but arising out of the situation?  For instance: "I wouldn’t have made that mistake if it wasn’t for the fact that X happened."

The tendency to attribute the behaviour of others to personality and our own to a situation is known in psychology as attribution bias. Attribution bias occurs through peripheral processing, or unconscious automatic processing.  This is a type of information processing our brains do to make sense of the extensive amount of information coming in through our senses all the time.  Instead of analyzing every bit consciously, overtime our brains take our past experiences and create short cuts that help us understand a situation or individual very quickly.  Because the situation that lead to an individual's behaviour is often hidden to us, many people have taught themselves to understand motives as inherent to the person.

There are, however, those that tend to give others the benefit of the doubt more often than not.  Although this route of processing takes more effort, it has been shown that people that make this tiny extra effort tend to be happier overall and are generally more psychologically healthy. 

You may not be able to imagine the context to everyone’s behaviour, many peoples actions seem completely unwarranted to us. However, remember that just like you, they have a context. That may not excuse their behaviour, but it is good for conscientiousness to know and be aware that people are not “good” “bad” “stupid” “ignorant” “mean” people just because you saw them act that way. Some of us have lost sight of our light, but there really is no “better” or “worse” only perspective.

The Challenge

Next time you have an unpleasant interaction, a disagreement or argument, take the other person’s perspective.  I know you’ve heard it a thousand times, imagine if you were the other person, how would you feel. But its really works! Especially in a moment when things are heated and the last thing you want to do is see things from the other person’s view because 1. they appear not to give a damn how you feel 2. you are too busy trying to show them how they made you feel/hurt your feelings. But, this is when taking the other person’s view is the most important. I have experienced the greatest amount of growth in my relationships when I perform this at the height of least feeling like it.

The result:  Anger melts and you are solution oriented almost instantaneously.  This allows you to learn from the interaction, which is the purpose of interactions in the first place

What are your thoughts?  Do you find putting yourself in the other person's shoes is good for consciousness? 

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spiritual Work: Change your Perspective I

Take a moment to consider how everything and everyone is connected

We all have those moments -
  • When others are rude or inconsiderate
  • When you witness extreme disparities of wealth in those around you
  • In a conversation where cultural differences, differences in opinion or understanding leads you to question whether you are on the same wavelength as your conversation partners
Do you find yourself, in moments like these, questioning how we can all be one?

Spiritual teachings emphasize everything and everyone is connected. The unified field theory, M-Theory and the view the universe is a hologram provide a scientific basis for a connectedness of all things. Thus, we can come to know intellectually we are all one. But how can we feel like this?

Well, the next time you have a moment like the ones above, where you feel isolated, different, or unconnected, challenge yourself to see everyone as one.

Oneness Visualizations


Light Body/Soul Connection
Try it while commuting to work in the morning, for instance.  Everyone is on their separate missions to their various jobs, (no one minds their own business and is as isolated as when in their morning commute mode).
Here I might picture us all as part of the body of the source field. I try to visualize the energy that connects all our light bodies/souls together. I find after doing this, I am more engaged with others. I smile more, find the time to hold the door for others a little longer, am just a little more patient in the line up at the coffee shop.

See the System
You can also picture yourself and the people around you as a system, an ecosystem that provides and supports consciousness or the subtle energy connection to spirit. To enhance this system you might consider your individual impact, how you can choose to enhance or degrade the level of consciousness that all energy flows to and from?

For instance, take an ordinary decision you make during your day, maybe its what to have for lunch or where to get your coffee. Maybe it matters to you where your coffee came from, whether it is fair trade, or maybe it doesn’t.  Maybe it matters to you whether you are eating a lunch made with organic ingredients or sustainably produced products, maybe it doesn’t.  I would argue the very act of making these considerations, just thinking about where that burger meat came from, will help you become more aware and awake in this life.

If you are interested in raising worldwide consciousness, doing this kind of work is a great start as it increases the level and connectedness you have to your own decision making power and the impact that has to the greater consciousness field.

So, the next time you want to purchase an item of clothing, consider whether you know how the fabric was produced, think of the plants, animals and people involved in putting the material in your hands.

Do you feel okay about the process?
Do you wish something was different, what would you change?
Is there an alternative that fits your values better, is it worth pursuing that instead?

Our products and services do not just land in our laps, there is a huge process that brings these into our hands. By becoming more in-tuned with the vary notion that there was a process, and not taking it for granted, I believe you will naturally move more in synch with your own core values. The more inline with your values and beliefs you become, the more aligned you are with your connection to the spirit and source of all. This strengthening of connections leads to higher consciousness as consciousness is the awareness of these connections.

What are your thoughts? How do you preform spiritual work?

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Atlantis - A Lesson from a Lost Civilization

Whether you believe there was a lost civilization known as Atlantis or not, there is a profound message from ancient societies contemporary to the supposed Atlantis.

Humans are much older than we previously thought (and are still being taught), and there is solid evidence for large scale hyper advanced societies existing at least 10,000 years ago (and probably earlier). For more information, I direct you to works by Gram Hancock and Micheal Cremo.

However, what I have always found to be truly relevant about Atlantis in terms of our society is that Atlantis, or more specifically, its demise, reveals something extremely important about our current predicament:

To put it simply: As spiritually decreases, war, strife, greed and subversive power increases. This can be seen both in the archeological record and in Plato's account of the fall of Atlantis.

First of all, Atlantis was an empire and its influence was spread beyond the main continent or land mass known as "Atlantis." Modern researchers and Atlantis chasers know this and are aware of archeological evidence existing on continents currently above sea level in sites dated as old as 15,000 to 10,000 years BCE that were most certainly under Atlantic influence. I won't go into the details of the exact proofs here but interested individuals can refer to this book and this one too.

Basically what these sites tell us: In the earliest periods a great value was placed on spirituality. During the earliest times people seemed to live longer, peaceful lives. No evidence of any weapons or conflict is apparent.

This is also where the cave paintings are the most stunning and technically adept.

Looking at how these societies evolved over time: As spiritually became de-emphasized, the production of weapons increased. During this phase, individuals seemed to live shorter lives, often dying as a result of conflict/murder/war etc. The cave art reflects a degradation in artistic skill (comparatively to older examples) and the subject matter is often shown to glorify war, death and power won with violence.

So, it seems there is a relationship between power/greed/violence and spirituality -> as one increases, the other decreases.

Plato sums this up nicely in Critias when he discusses the state of Atlantis right before its demise:

"...but when the divine portion began to fade away, ... and the human nature got the upper hand, they then, being unable to bear their fortune, behaved unseemly, and to him who had an eye to see grew visibly debased, for they were losing the fairest of their precious gifts; but to those who had no eye to see the true happiness, they appeared glorious and blessed at the very time when they were full of avarice and unrighteous power." (Plato, Critias).

This quote seems to imply that to the untrained eye, or to the unaware/asleep, Atlantis right before it fell seemed like it was at the top of its game, gaining more and more power and material wealth. However, to the awakened individual, the inevitable downfall was completely apparent, for it would be obvious they had lost sight of what is truly important.

Here we are today experiencing, what I hope, is the pendulum about to swing the other way: power/greed/violence etc. may be heightening, but more and more people are becoming awake and aware. There is also a resurgence of spiritual growth and quest for enlightenment/higher consciousness.

So I think the answer to the our current predicament is pretty clear here, one way history (or the subverted/forbidden history I should say) teaches us to combat greed/violence/war is by questing for spiritual growth and empowerment.

Mary Settegast's Plato Prehistorian:10,000 To 5000 B.C. Myth, Religion, Archaeology (1987). Find it here.

Phillip Coppens' The Lost Civilization Enigma: A New Inquiry Into the Existence of Ancient Cities, Cultures, and Peoples Who Pre-Date Recorded History (2012). Find it here.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Reflections on Awakening

Have you just realized something you took for granted as just the way the world is, is absolutely wrong or completely the opposite of what you thought?

Have you recently started to notice the things your parents, teachers, friends, believe are actually fallacies sold to them in advertizing, movies, news media, and other propaganda?

Have you suddenly found yourself agreeing with certain alternative media hosts and personalities, who used to seem certifiably insane, hoaky, or just perpetuating outlandish theories for attention or money?

Do you now feel alone, with not many of your friends and family sharing your new beliefs or your quest for truth and understanding?

I know.

While awakening is most certainly an exciting and mind expanding process, it also creates many challenges. I thought I would share with you my own awakening process (still underway!) in the hopes some of you might identify with it and feel a bit more connected.

 I also wanted to include a list of common experiences and challenges that arise along the awakening process to basically say its okay, feeling or reacting like X is totally normal and you will ultimately come out on top. 

I will present my awakening story more or less as it unfolded to me at the time. I say this because after spending much time researching my views have adjusted substantially and I am still formulating my thoughts on what I think is true. Thus, what appears below is not necessarily exactly what I believe is true now. But for the sake of simplicity, here is what I believed when my worldview turned upside down.

Its funny to think back now and remember how I felt beforehand. Back then I thought life wasn’t going to throw me too many more surprises. How could it? I was 26, with a University education in science, so I probably knew everything. Well, I would probably learn more things, but the things I had already learned, those were true and always would be... right?

As you can probably tell, I was a bit of a “know it all.” I've always loved to express my opinion and explain things I’d learn in school for as long as I can remember. I thought people who held beliefs that differed from so called experts or scientists were just kooky and eccentric. Its fine for you to believe that, but I’ll go on believing the truth (i.e. the one I bought in school). One of those kooky eccentrics was my boyfriend, funny enough. He was really into conspiracies and alternative theories and was always watching “crazy" documentaries. We loved to debate these topics but never came to adapt the other's beliefs.

Until one such documentary that changed it all for me.

My boyfriend had been watching a UFO documentary late one night and he fell asleep. I stayed up to watch it out of interest, refuting and not buying a word... at first. My thoughts on aliens at the time were:
1. There was little to no basis to UFO sightings or abduction stories.
2. Those stories were made-up for low quality made-for-TV documentaries with little actual proof/truth. 
3. The only people who believed UFOs and abductions stories were people who needed their life to be more exciting then it was, like they were living on the X-Files or something.

University classes in astronomy and my own rudimentary knowledge of what scientists knew about alien visitation and space travel lead me to construct the belief that although there probably was life on other planets, they probably couldn’t get here, I mean its just too far. Plus, what was the likelihood that any of the other planets evolved intelligent life? Human beings on planet Earth was a total fluke... right?

This documentary featured various credible witnesses from the military and police discussing their encounters with UFOs. I wasn’t buying it until one man, SSgt. James Penniston, told his story. Everything about his story was so extraordinary, yet he himself was so believable (his reaction and struggle to make sense of it all, it was obvious he wasn’t lying).  I couldn’t deny the events must have really happened to him.

Suddenly I realized UFOs and aliens must really exist! I remember I woke my boyfriend up exclaiming, ALIENS ARE REAL! He kind of laughed with a sort of “welcome to the club.”

After that realization, my mind opened up and I experienced a giant worldview shift. As I searched for answers I became exposed to the Illuminati and occult, consciousness and the power of the mind, the secret history and origin of our planet and human beings. Everything I used to take for granted as truth was turned upside down and so much more was possible. Now I make it my mission to search for truth and to expose hidden/suppressed truths that may help others expand their consciousness as well.

Here is what I believe to be the some of the general stages of awakening:

Disorientation - you don’t know who to believe

People you used to trust for information about the world and how things work (your parents, school, the news) may now seem to either have no clue, refuse to see the truth or are knowingly propagating lies. At some point you may not want to believe anyone.

You may also hold every new belief tentatively, for it could betray you at any point. Although you may be more open minded, listening to new sources of information, you hold off attaching belief to them.

Distrust in Authority –everyone in power is against you

If you are or were here, it has become clear to you that authority figures, especially the government but also mainstream experts in the media, representatives from science, technology, art, etc. are either clueless or part of a conspiracy to keep humanity distracted and debased.

You might have also come to know that a cabal of bankers and secret society members are at the root of all the power in this world. Their influence is vast and may seem absolute. You may be nihilistic at times, feeling powerless against this great evil truth. The more you learn about them and their plan for humanity, the more hopeless it seems.

Food and water are poison, education inhibits intelligent free thinking, money is debt that enslaves.

All this distrust may be compounded by learning of the potential other worldly origin of this secret shadow government; whether you believe the linage is connected to a reptilian race of aliens as David Ike argues or the Annunaki race, as Michael Tsarian and others have contended.

All this may lead you to feel fearful about the future. As a result you might have found comfort in planning and prepping for what you see as imminent societal collapse.

Isolation –you are now part of a weirdo minority

Here you might feel like those around you, your friends and family, are all still blind to the truth. You might feel like you have little in common with them and it might be difficult to discuss things you used to enjoy. Things like common gossip, the weather and sports are just not that important to you anymore. You may also fear embarrassment or judgment for sharing your new worldview and be reluctant to discuss it. Thus you isolate yourself off from those who are still asleep, feeling disconnected.

Reconstruction –you start to believe everyone who agrees with your new beliefs

During this phase, you have begun to see patterns and certain information seems to steadily cling together. Maybe you started reconstructing your world and are willing to let some teachers in to help you understand it better.

However, if someone is speaking about a new belief you hold (UFOs are real, the government cannot be trusted/is run by a evil shadow government, human beings are much older then mainstream history/anthropology teaches) you might tend to believe them first off, only to find out that many of these so called experts don’t have the whole story either. Things begin to contradict each other and it may be hard to see who really knows what they are talking about, leading to disorientation again. This is because reconstruction is an ongoing process.

This is in fact part of the awakening process. If you can be calm in this confusion and become accustomed to the fact many things are not black and white but in fact exist in a vast grey area, you will increase your awareness and level of consciousness.

Speaking out –tell em how you really feel

Here, you might feel its time to share your new found thoughts about the world. Maybe you want to wake people up, help them see their food is garbage or that the government was behind 9/11 or whatever. Maybe you want to be part of discussions with those who get it. Find your voice, start to feel connected again. You’ve discovered there is a huge community out there with lots to learn and grow from and you want to make your voice heard.

Solution focus –okay things are bad, really really bad, how do we fix them

Here, you might start to focus on fixing some of the issues with this backwards world. You might start with yourself, cleansing your body of fluoride and other toxins. You also might advocate in your community by taking part in protests or other activist roles.

Spirit –what it all comes down to

You have come to know the spiritual nature of yourself. Something finally clicked, either while you were focused on the systems of domination and control or while you were looking for ways to rid your body of fluoride, you found the thing the elites in power want to distract you from, what the true nature of being human is all about: we are spiritual beings have a human experience.

When you reach this point, you know in your heart there is nothing anyone can take away from you when you connect to the divine within you. Your quest might have shifted at this point, from pointing out the bad to discovering what an amazing gift you have been given, an eternal soul. Your goals concern knowing your true self, healing your past life karma and discovering your clairvoyant abilities. This is where you can truly grow and where consciousness expansion begins.

What are your thoughts?  How did your awakening process compare to this?

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Dawning of the New Age

“the new age is coming, whether you like it or not, and whether you understand it or not.” –Jordan Maxwell
Everything we experience is a chance to learn and grow.  Whether we decide to take the opportunity to learn from our experiences influences how well we integrate change. Thus, when faced with uncertainty, it helps to connect to the possible purpose or lesson that is trying to express itself.

As students in the school of life, we are not only challenged with individual but also broader learning opportunities confronted by humanity as a whole. This could be a grand lesson for a particular generation for instance. I wanted to address one of these grand lessons for humanity that will be coming with the dawning of the new age.

I hope this information will help you connect to the lesson so that you can better navigate a changing landscape as time goes on.

Some background

As you may be aware, ages are connected the Earths axial wobble, or the procession of the equinoxes. Procession is gradually leading us from the age of Pieces into the age of Aquarius.

You should also know each age has its own characteristics, its own feel.  The feel coincides with the Earth's chakra or energy point that is evolving during the particular age.  This gradual procession of ages moving from base to higher more spiritually advanced chakras is meant to evolve the Earth and humanity into higher and higher consciousness. 

Furthermore, each age is connected with an astrological sign and each sign is associated with an element carrying with it certian characteristics.  Briefly:

Earth = physical/material
Air = Mental/Analytical
Fire = Energy/Passion/Creativity
Water = Emotions

All of these factors combine to give the age in question particular emphases, challenges and goals. 

This past age, the age of Pieces, was associated with the heart chakra, evident in the dominance of Christianity, where a big emphasis was placed on the Christian values of giving, loving thy neighbor and faithfulness. The denser side of the Piecian zeitgeist perpetuated self-denial and the notion we are all born sinners. Oh and the guilt, lets not forget that! Pieces being a water sign is connected to emotions, and people of this time grew through believing and having faith.

The age of Aquarius brings with it an air sign influence. Air signs in general, and Aquarius in particular, have to do with mental strength, clarity of thought, science and analytical thinking. Astrology predicts that as the influences of the Aquarian age become stronger, scientific advancement accelerates. I think its safe to say this is has come to play out in human history. Think about it, since the development of the scientific method we have literally gone from a scientific break through emerging every decade to potentially everyday. Is it a coincidence that the age we are coming into precisely predicts this direction in human history?

Aquarius and the Third Eye

Vibrations tuned to third eye chakra are pervading the earth’s energy field. Many people incarnating on the earth today have an awakened third eye, although in many it is unbalanced. This is because there are actually two aspects of the third eye, referred to as the upper and lower petals. The lower petal is associated with technological development, analytical processing and advancements in the physical realm. Our current information age explosion with new technology being developed daily (maybe hourly) is a product of this.

Shifting from a blind faith characteristic of the former age, people now have a need to know and understand.

The upper petal is associated with intuition, spiritual connection and alignment.  Its interesting that more and more people seem to prefer an individual spirituality over devotion to religious institutions. People seem to be striving to understand their life’s purpose and reach personal fulfillment.

A search for something more 

The influence of the upper third eye as well as nudges and tugs from our higher self gradually wake us up and as people become aware they search for a different kind of spiritual fulfillment. Traditional institutions that employ us, provide spiritual leadership and guidance, and educate us, are proving inadequate. This is causing frustration and a lack of fulfillment. Thus, with little opportunity to grow spiritually while earning a living, getting an education and so on, we see a rise in existential turmoil and mental health issues.

It is through grappling with this division and ultimately integrating these two aspects of the third eye individually and as a society, we will benefit from a resultant higher consciousness. We are moving towards more scientifically based institutions with higher consciousness that care about working with nature so we can all benefit.

Another characteristic of this transition is that old institutions become polarized. This is the fundamentalists, the ones who talk of reestablishing the wholesome goodness of the past. What we are seeing is the old reacting to the changing winds. Feeling threatened, these institutions try to deny their stagnicity with a façade of security. They also demonize anything new in an attempt to cling an authoritative position and claim some legitimacy. Those inclined to the mindset of the new age who find this confusing, offensive and often angering can take solace knowing this is a natural tendency when institutions are falling.

What Will the New Age Look Like?

The new age has a goal: the integration of science and spirit. We are obviously not there yet as a whole, polarized in the lower petal of the third eye. However, the new age is coming and you can either fight against it by becoming entrenched in the old ways, deny it and loose your chance to contribute to the new age in this life, or you can stand up and help bring in the new. Working with the new age is moving in alignment with your Higher Self. If you listen to your heart, your passion and intuition you can expect the universe to take care of you. That doesn’t mean you won’t encounter difficulties, but you will gain accomplishment, peace and energy by fulfilling your soul’s mission in this life.

Whether you are feeling anxious or uneasy about the approaching new age or excited and ready for new challenges, remember, this is ultimately an opportunity to learn and grow. So don't expect to get comfortable, we may be in for a bumpy ride.

Just remember, change it isn't meant to feel stable, so everything is as it should be.


Some information about the new age and third eye informed by Indigo Adults by Kabir Jaffe:

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